For South Africa to be more energy efficient, we need private and corporate citizens to do their bit. The 49M Business Energy Efficiency Behavioural Index is aimed at establishing a national index reflecting the awareness and behaviour displayed by commercial and industrial businesses and their employees in matters relating to energy efficiency.

The Index uses a simple formula that is based on global standards. Participation is voluntary. The index incorporates measures to be included in your organisation’s sustainability report and will provide you with valuable engagement and reporting tools.

49M invites your organisation to participate in the inaugural 49M Business Energy Efficiency Behavioural Index.


All organisations that:

Report on sustainability
Engage with employees on aspects relating to sustainability
Have introduced or plan to introduce any measure of energy efficiency


The index provides your organisation with an additional reporting measure for your sustainability reporting. You will also benefit through structured and assisted employee engagement. It’s an opportunity to measure your organisation’s efforts – against your industry conterparts, as well as the rest of the world.